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Decibel CEO Steve Holtzman

A startup searching for a drug to treat hearing loss just got an unusual endorsement from a big biotech

Decibel's looking for therapies that can treat hearing loss. The aim is that, instead of using a device to hear, one day you might be able to take a medication.
A police officer looks at a northern white rhino, only three of its kind left in the world, as it moves in an enclosed and constantly protected perimeter ahead of the Giants Club Summit of African leaders and others on tackling poaching of elephants and rhinos, Ol Pejeta conservancy near the town of Nanyuki, Laikipia County, Kenya, April 28, 2016.

A biotech startup is trying to end poaching by flooding the market with fake rhino horns

Pembient is trying to end rhino poaching by "flooding the market" with fake rhino horns.

A startup cofounded by a 31-year-old just got a step closer to transplanting pig organs into humans

Egenesis is a startup that's using the gene-editing tool CRISPR to make pig organs viable for transplants into people.

Everything we know about North Korea’s bioweapons program

Reports have said North Korea has worked with biological agents like plague, anthrax, viral hemorrhagic fevers, and perhaps smallpox.

Here’s how the CEO of a $50 billion drugmaker sees tech companies ‘disrupting’ healthcare

Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov told Business Insider that there were certain ways he expected the tech industry to enter the pharma space.

Why the CEO of a $50 billion company thinks you should look to Roger Federer for career inspiration

Business Insider asked Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov for his best career advice.

Here’s what the 59-year-old CEO of a $50 billion healthcare company does to stay fit

Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov thinks routines are very important and tries to swim every day.

The CEO of a $50 billion company explains why big-ticket dealmaking has dropped

Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov said there were a few reasons there aren't many deals right now — but that that won't always be the case.

Insiders reveal how Boston moved to the forefront of the global fight against deadly diseases

Biotech companies in the Boston area reflect on what's the area's "secret sauce."