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UBS: Microsoft is ramping up what may be its biggest profit machine yet

Microsoft could be ramping up investments in its cloud platform, sending its revenues soaring, according to UBS.

DIGITAL HEALTH BRIEFING: Google’s latest digital health moves — GE partners with Nvidia — Digital health platform in China could see...

Google announced a number of strategic cloud partnerships with IT companies in the healthcare industry.
Diane Greene

Google Cloud just nudged its way into Amazon’s territory as a storage provider for Salesforce

It's a major win for Google Cloud boss Diane Greene as she works to build Google into an enterprise powerhouse.

TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS BRIEFING: GM nearly ready to monetize self-driving cars — Cloud software providers’ automotive opportunity &#...

In transportation and logistics, GM is nearly ready to monetize self-driving cars, and cloud software companies have a huge opportunity in connected cars.

Target is reportedly abandoning Amazon’s cloud services as the web giant takes over retail

Target will be moving some of its web services off of Amazon's servers, according to a report.

The explosive growth of Microsoft’s cloud business, in one chart

Microsoft isn't just about selling Windows these days.

Nintendo’s new console has a critical flaw that Nintendo refuses to address

Speaking in a recent interview, Nintendo America president Reggie Fils-Aime says he knows of the problem but can't say whether it's being fixed.

This little device is the cheapest, fastest cloud storage you can buy

Lima Ultra is much faster and cheaper than mainstream cloud services from Google, Apple, Microsoft, and even Dropbox. Check it out.

JOHN McAFEE: My new company will make the cloud ‘completely obsolete’

McAfee says his company's recent acquisition, Demonsaw, is the "next iteration of the internet."