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Costco probably still wants customers to come to its stores.

Here’s how you can rent a car through Costco

Costco members can reserve rental cars at discounted prices from participating Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise locations.
Costco gas fuels traffic to the store in a few different ways.

Costco’s cheap gas gives it a huge advantage over Sam’s Club and BJ’s — here’s why members are crazy about it

Costco offers cheap gas exclusively for its members, and it's a great way to attract and retain new customers.
Costco probably still wants customers to come to its stores.

Costco now has delivery options to compete with Amazon — but customers are discovering a huge catch

Costco is offering more ways to deliver things to your home — but it's going to cost more.

Costco has a special deal for the military — here’s how to get early access to the store

Costco's Military Hour promotion includes an early opening for members of the military on Saturday, March 24.
Costco is a treasure-trove for deal lovers.

12 Costco deals that are well worth the money

Costco seems to be full of good deals, but some Costco deals are more worth your money than others.

Costco is a men’s underwear paradise

Costco secretly has the best deals in men's undergarments, from socks to underwear.

These photos reveal what it’s like to shop at Costco in Japan

Costco has 26 stores in Japan, and a membership is cheaper there.

We tried the Costco pizza that people are crazy about — here’s the verdict

Costco is one of the largest pizza chains in America — but is the pizza worth the price? We decided to investigate.

The key reason why Amazon Prime won’t steal customers from Costco

Plenty of Costco shoppers also have Amazon Prime memberships.
The BJ's Wholesale Club in Jersey City, New Jersey, was well-organized.

We went to Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s to see which store was the best — here’s the verdict

We went to Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's to see which membership-based warehouse store offers the best shopping experience. Here's what we found.