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Bill Gates reveals how he decides where to spend his billions

At the recent JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, Gates explained how he goes after low-hanging fruit that few people have thought to grab.

The nation’s top cancer doctors are asking people to drink less in an unprecedented warning

A group of cancer doctors recommends that people curb their alcohol intake, citing studies that link drinking one glass of alcohol a day to cancer.
Not sure this crew got the message.

If the zombie apocalypse happens, scientists say you should head for the hills

Real disease modeling can help people understand exactly how a zombie outbreak would play out — stay out of cities.

A disturbing plague outbreak has killed 124 people and infected more than 1,000 in Madagascar

At least 684 cases and 57 deaths from an outbreak of the plague have been confirmed in Madagascar, with numbers expected to continue rising.
Jepsen (left) at the 2017 Rock Health Summit in San Francisco.

An ex-Facebook exec who ‘went home to die’ is making a device to scrap the costly procedure that almost didn’t save her

A brush with death inspired ex-Facebook engineer Mary Lou Jepsen's latest venture — an elusive device that will enable us to peek inside our bodies and brains.

The US is the only developed country on a list of nations with the highest pollution-related deaths — here are the top 10

Environmental pollution is killing more people every year than all war and violence in the world. The US has one of the highest pollution-related death totals.
Annual death rates by US county, with lower rates in blue and higher rates in red.

Eye-opening maps reveal how and where Americans die

Maps using government health data weave a telling set of stories from raw numbers, and they can help inform where future treatments are needed most.

More illnesses could be sexually transmitted than we thought — including the common cold

CDC researchers found the genetic material for 27 viruses in human semen, and they suspect there may be many more.