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Trump and Kim Jong Un rarely mention the name of South Korea’s President — this is why

Their approaches to President Moon Jae-in are completely different.

Trump’s doctor says he only sleeps 4-5 hours each night — and there could be a scientific reason why

Short-sleepers are both early birds and night owls. But the condition only occurs in about 1% of the population.
By the end of my weeklong ordeal, I was pretty tired of fast food.

The White House doctor says Trump needs to fix his unhealthy diet and lose weight — and after eating like the president for a week, I completely...

After a week of eating things that President Donald Trump likes to eat, my body feels as if it might never be the same.
People watch a television broadcast, reporting South and North Korea agree to hold talks, at the Seoul Railway Station on January 5, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea.

North Korea slams South Korea for giving Trump credit for historic talks

State-run media said the South Korean president's comments were "impolite" and "chilling the atmosphere for reconciliation."

The odds on Oprah 2020 are starting to come in, and they’re shockingly good

Offshore oddsmakers currently give Oprah the second-best odds of winning the White House of 2020, putting her ahead of any other democrat in the field.

Celtics’ Jaylen Brown says Trump made it ‘more acceptable for racists to speak their minds’

In an interview with The Guardian ahead of the Celtics game in London, Jaylen Brown showed why he's one of the most compelling young players in the league.
Donald J. Trump.

It’s time New York City apologized for this White House

OPINION: We invented these people. And if someone doesn't stop this feud soon, it's going to get a particularly New York City kind of ugly.

Trump was booed by fans waiting in the rain as he arrived at the national championship game

Fans waiting in the rain to get into the national championship game had their entrance delayed by Trump's arrival, and booed his motorcade as it drove in.

The Trump administration scraps its voter-fraud commission

Trump has repeatedly claimed that millions of people fraudulently voted in 2016, despite numerous fact-checking investigations debunking the claim.