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Singapore is on the brink of a ‘demographic time bomb’

Singapore's low fertility rate and aging population have put the country on a dangerous path, a new report claims.

9 of the biggest problems baby boomers are facing right now

Baby boomers are facing many financial and economic challenges today.

‘The Martian’ author Andy Weir is convinced we’ll colonize the moon — but says colonizing Mars doesn’t make any sense

Andy Weir's new book "Artemis" is a sci-fi novel about a heist on the moon. He thinks a lunar city is a must for Elon Musk's Mars colony to be feasible.

The 10 jobs that got the biggest raises in October

The job-review site Glassdoor tracks wages of 85 common worker positions. Here are the ones that saw the biggest wage growth in October.

America’s billionaires overwhelmingly choose this common college major

If you want to make it into the billionaire's club, start by picking the right college major.
President Donald Trump

Trump teases a new economic-development bill that ‘nobody knows about’

In an interview with Forbes, US President Donald Trump teases a new "economic development bill" that "nobody knows about" but goes light on the details.

8 signs Japan has become a ‘demographic time bomb’

The last two decades in Japan have been marked by low fertility rates and a shrinking economy. Here are some of the more tangible signs the country needs help.

The winner of this year’s Nobel Prize in economics had a cameo next to Selena Gomez in ‘The Big Short’

In addition to his day job as an economist, Thaler once had a cameo appearance in the film "The Big Short," next to pop star Selena Gomez.

The University of Chicago’s Richard Thaler wins the 2017 Nobel Prize in economics

The prize is given to an economist who has made a substantial contribution toward the subject, with an award of 8 million Swedish krona ($990,000, £750,000).
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appears at a campaign rally in Miami, Florida.

Trump’s base lost the battle for Trump’s economy — and it was barely even close

You can please Wall Street or you can please the populists. You cannot do both.