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Tech companies have a Baby Boomer problem

The tech industry continues to have a problem with ageism, a survey from job hiring website Indeed indicates. But workers say the situation is improving.

Google built a new Trojan Horse to get inside every aspect of your life

Google sees its hardware effort as a way to spur demand for Google Assistant and its other artificial-intelligence technologies.

Tech companies to lobby for immigrant ‘Dreamers’ to remain in US

SAN FRANCISCO - Nearly tw...

The race to create a self-driving taxi fleet just took a bizarre turn with a $1 billion bet on Lyft led by Alphabet

Alphabet led a $1 billion investment in Lyft and it speaks to the death of Google's relationship with Uber.

A Stanford researcher is pioneering a dramatic shift in how we treat depression — and Google Brain’s cofounder has joined the effort

Woebot, the AI-powered chatbot that uses a heavily researched clinical approach to treating depression, has added Google Brain cofounder Andrew Ng to its board.
Bill cosponsor Sen. John McCain.

McCain, Democrats introduce first major legislation targeting Facebook ads since Russia intervened in the 2016 elections

The Honest Ads Act would make political ad buying more transparent and ensure that political ads online are covered by the same rules as ads on TV and radio.

Google’s new cases for its Pixel 2 phone put Apple’s iPhone cases to shame

The new fabric cases for the Pixel 2 are one of Google's best new products.

Facebook and Google’s political advertising problem goes beyond fake Russian accounts

Facebook and Google employees helped target Secure America Now ads to people in swing states.

Google’s new Pixel 2 feature that identifies things you photograph isn’t ready for primetime just yet

Google Lens is supposed to identify objects in the real world, but it has a long way to go.

DeepMind’s human-bashing AlphaGo AI is now even stronger

The AlphaGo Zero agent destroyed the original AlphaGo that beat Lee Sedol 100-0 after just three days of training.