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Google will let its cloud customers give up a huge advantage to save a wad of cash

Up until now, all Google Cloud customers had their data travel on the search giant's own vast networks. Now, they can choose to go with the common people.

The Google memo writer has hired a GOP official to be his lawyer and she’s already gathering facts

Damore has claimed he was fired for expressing a conservative point of view.

Google and Walmart are joining forces to take on Amazon

Google just gave its commerce platform Google Express a shot in the arm by partnering with Walmart.

Google app code hints at Bluetooth headphones with Google Assistant

An APK teardown of the Google app's latest beta revealed lines of code that suggest the existence of the product, codenamed "Bisto."

Google will reportedly release a new Chromebook Pixel alongside the new Pixel phones later this year

The new laptop will probably be a high-end machine running on Chrome OS.

Oreo may be the latest flavor of Android, but most users are still stuck with Marshmallow or something older

The majority of Android device owners are running versions of the operating system that are more than two years old.

Google is rumored to be working on a mini Google Home to compete with Amazon’s Echo Dot

Let Google into every room of your home with a mini Google Home.

Google is bringing video previews to search results on mobile

The feature will work on the mobile Chrome browser as well as the dedicated "Google" app on both iOS and Android.

The ‘Father of Android’ reveals what his startup incubator does to help companies get their products to market faster

Andy Rubin's incubator, Playground, offers its startups more than just money, mentoring, and office space.