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Billionaire Louis Bacon is reportedly backing a hedge fund manager he once called ‘the most impressive trader I’ve ever seen’

Louis Bacon is backing Greg Coffey's new hedge fund, Kirkoswald Capital Partners, with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Why startup founders need to understand the hedge fund industry

Startup founders sh...

Morgan Stanley reportedly kept on a broker it knew was accused of violence against women

Morgan Stanley kept on a star broker who it knew faced multiple allegations of violence against former wives and girlfriends, The New York Times reported.

Hedge funds’ favorite stocks are having a brutal month

In December, Business Insider published a list of the stocks hedge funds love the most. And March has been a brutal month for the top 10.
Dan Loeb, founder of Third Point LLC.

Hedge fund billionaire Dan Loeb is losing money on consumer and tech stocks

The Third Point Offshore fund is not having a great start to 2018.

The global head of investor relations at $28 billion investor Angelo Gordon has left

Gareth Henry, the global head of investor relations at $28 billion Angelo Gordon, has left.

Bank of America has reportedly fired 2 staffers who interfered with a sexual misconduct investigation

Bank of America has reportedly fired at least two staffers after finding they had interfered with an investigation of alleged misconduct by Omeed Malik.
Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett breaks down the most important lessons he learned from his $1 million bet against hedge funds

Buffett won the million-dollar bet he made against the hedge fund industry.
Dominique Mielle.

One of the most senior women in the hedge fund business identified the problem almost every fund has

Dominique Mielle, who was the only female investment partner at $20 billion Canyon Partners, argues hedge funds would perform better if more diverse people worked for them.