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US threatens to withhold aid cash to Palestinians

US President Donald...

Israel wants to build ‘Trump station’ near Western Wall

A general view show...

Thousands of Muslims in Asia protest against Trump’s Jerusalem plan

Palestinian protestors clashing with the Israeli army in the West Bank near Ramallah, the capital of the Palestinian Authority.

The Middle East erupted in protest after Trump’s Jerusalem announcement — here are 13 incredible photos of the unrest

Demonstrations and skirmishes were widespread in the West Bank and Gaza as well as in Jordan, Turkey, and other places in the region on Thursday.
Trump (R) with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem in May 2017.

Trump’s big Israel move could shake the Middle East — and some consider it a declaration of war

Donald Trump has told Arab leaders he intends to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and he is expected to recognize the city as Israel's capital.

Trump reportedly told Palestinian leadership of plans to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Multiple news outlets reported Tuesday that President Donald Trump told the Palestinian Authority's president that the US Embassy in Israel would relocate.

Jared Kushner visited the Middle East this week to revive peace talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders — here’s how it unfolded

Jared Kushner wrapped up his trip to the Middle East, for which the top priority on the agenda was furthering peace talks between Israel and Palestine.