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Justice Department interns confronted Jeff Sessions over police brutality, gun control, and marijuana

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was grilled by a series of Justice Department interns over the summer about several contentious issues.
A bump fire stock that attaches to a semi-automatic rifle to increase the firing rate is seen at Good Guys Gun Shop in Orem, Utah, U.S., October 4, 2017.

The Trump administration is reviewing whether to ban bump stocks after the Las Vegas massacre

The Justice Department said it will review whether bump stocks like those used in the Las Vegas massacre should be banned under federal existing regulations.
Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump.

Trump was reportedly annoyed that Ivanka Trump criticized Roy Moore

President Trump implicitly endorsed Roy Moore last week, and he is reportedly angry his daughter condemned the candidate.
Jeff Sessions.

The right is turning on Jeff Sessions — and he might be getting ‘a raw deal’

Jeff Sessions has swum upstream for some time and been deemed a disappointment — whether by Donald Trump, his supporters, or the right-wing political class.
Judge Roy Moore participates in the Mid-Alabama Republican Club's Veterans Day Program in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, U.S., November 11, 2017.

Roy Moore’s Democratic opponent quotes Ivanka Trump and Jeff Sessions in brutal attack ad

Doug Jones, the Democratic opponent of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, released an ad using top Republicans' statements against Moore.
Hope Hicks

Mueller just requested new documents from the DOJ that could spell trouble for Trump and Sessions

The documents are related to the firing of James Comey as FBI director and Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recusal from matters about the Russia investigation.

‘Any Russians? Anybody been to Russia?’: Jeff Sessions jokes to crowd during speech

Attorney General Jeff Sessions cracked a few jokes at his own expense.
In an impassioned speech on Friday, Kayla Moore said her husband, Roy Moore, "will not step down" from his Senate campaign.

Roy Moore’s wife rails against The Washington Post and says her husband won’t step aside from Senate race in impassioned defense

Kayla Moore, the wife of US Senate candidate Roy Moore, defended her husband, who has been accused of sexually assaulted teen girls as young as 14.
Fox News anchor Shep Smith tore apart the allegations behind the Uranium One 'scandal.'

Fox News anchor Shep Smith annihilates his network’s favorite Hillary Clinton ‘scandal,’ the Uranium One deal

The Fox News anchor Shepard Smith discredited the Hillary Clinton Uranium One "scandal," a theory that his network has promoted.