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McDonald’s Malaysia refutes Israel ties after boycott calls

The corporate logo ...

Thousands of Muslims in Asia protest against Trump’s Jerusalem plan

Palestinian protestors clashing with the Israeli army in the West Bank near Ramallah, the capital of the Palestinian Authority.

The Middle East erupted in protest after Trump’s Jerusalem announcement — here are 13 incredible photos of the unrest

Demonstrations and skirmishes were widespread in the West Bank and Gaza as well as in Jordan, Turkey, and other places in the region on Thursday.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders denies Trump wears dentures after slurred speech, saying his throat was just dry

Sanders did not address allegations that Trump is wearing dentures, and told reporters the president's throat was just dry.
An Ultra Orthodox Jewish man holds a shofar (ram's horn) with the golden Dome of the Rock Islamic shrine behind on December 6, 2017 in Jerusalem, Israel.

Trump ticks the box on another campaign promise at the expense of inflaming the Muslim world

Moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a reversal of US policy that President Donald Trump announced Wednesday, will take years to pull off.