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Trump just doubled down on a big change to Israel policy and confirmed Jerusalem is ‘off the table’

"We took Jerusalem off the table," President Donald Trump said. "So we don't have to talk about it anymore."
Vice President Mike Pence

Female journalists were outraged after they were forced to stand behind their male colleagues during Pence’s visit to Israel

Female journalists were forced to stand behind their male colleagues while covering Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Israel's Western Wall this week.

Israeli-Arab lawmakers were forcibly removed after protesting Mike Pence’s big speech to Israel’s parliament

Lawmakers held signs saying "Jerusalem Is The Capital of Palestine," a response to Trump declaring that US would recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence speaks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a meeting at the Prime Minister's office in Jerusalem January 22, 2018.

Benjamin Netanyahu noticeably didn’t applaud a key part of Mike Pence’s big speech to Israel’s parliament

Mike Pence reiterated that the US would support a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "if both sides agree."
FILE PHOTO: An Israeli flag is seen near the Dome of the Rock, located in Jerusalem's Old City on the compound known to Muslims as Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as Temple Mount

Israel’s Prime Minister says the US will move its embassy to Jerusalem ‘within the year’

Netanyahu's statements conflict with statements made by Rex Tillerson, who last month said the US embassy would not be moved for at least three years or longer.
Muslims attend a gathering to protest President Donald Trump's Jerusalem decision.

REPORT: Egypt publicly condemned Trump’s Jerusalem decision while accepting it behind closed doors

While the Egyptian government was publicly denouncing the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, it was also privately accepting it.

US threatens to withhold aid cash to Palestinians

US President Donald...
A man blows a horn in front of Jerusalem's disputed Temple Mount.

Israel passed a new law hampering chances for peace, right before Trump blamed the Palestinians

Trump's recent decision to declare Jerusalem Israel's capital has emboldened Israeli leadership to take dramatic steps to safeguard their claims to the city.

It looks like Trump just made a big change on Israel — he now says Jerusalem is ‘off the table’

"We pay the Palestinians HUNDRED OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year and get no appreciation or respect," Trump tweeted on Tuesday.

Israel wants to build ‘Trump station’ near Western Wall

A general view show...