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Designer Victoria Beckham arrives for the "Glamour Women of the Year Awards" in the Manhattan borough of New York November 9, 2015.

Victoria Beckham’s fashion brand lost £8.4 million last year

Losses at Victoria Beckham's high-end fashion label jumped by 78% last year as it invested "heavily" in design, production, marketing, and sales.

Asia is turbo boosting luxury bag maker Mulberry’s profits

The Group has seen an increase in profits despite slipping into the red earlier in the year, and has refocussed more heavily on digital sales.

The 6 most expensive products Apple has ever sold

Apple is known as a "luxury brand" for a reason.

This iPhone 7 case from Louis Vuitton costs a whopping $5,000 — take a look

For a hefty price tag, your iPhone can wear high-end fashion from Louis Vuitton.

I tried a pair of high-tech luxury purses — here’s what it was like

Mezzi's handbags work as Bluetooth speakers, phone chargers, and can notify you when you have a call or text.