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‘It came out of nowhere’: Kevin Love opens up about mid-game panic attack

Love had a panic attack for the first time during an NBA game this past November, which left him lying on the training room floor struggling to breathe.

Psychopaths cannot be cured — here’s why

They can be managed, but not cured.
Bill Pascrell

Democrats are bucking civil-liberties and disability groups and trying to revisit a controversial gun measure that Trump rescinded

Democrats want to bring back a rule that would add thousands of Americans to NICS, despite unified opposition from Republicans and progressive groups.

An influential group of doctors says all teens should get screened for depression — here are some of the questions they ask

The American Academy of Pediatrics released new recommendations on Monday suggesting that all young people 12 years and older be screened for depression yearly.

A diet ranked one of the best for overall health by experts may have an additional health benefit for older adults — here’s how to try it

Researchers found that the DASH diet was linked to a lower rate of depression in older adults compared to those who didn't adhere to the diet.