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North Koreans have something new to watch, according to reports.

North Korea reportedly just launched its own version of Netflix — but there’s a catch

North Korea's creation of a Netflix-like app comes after smartphones have become widespread in the country, but only with a sinister catch.
A sleek F-22 Raptor doesn't carry visible weapons.

The F-22 came face to face with Russia’s top fighter and was at a major disadvantage

The F-22 is the most lethal combat plane in the world, but with the rules of engagement as they are, it is at a notable disadvantage to Russia's Su-35.
Kim Jong Un with North Korea officials.

The US said it might block North Korean ships — and Pyongyang called it a ‘big step’ toward nuclear war

North Korea said about the blockade: "We will see it as an act of war and respond with merciless self-defensive counter-measures."
An activist in mask holds a candle during a protest against a new security bill, the Internal Security Law, in Mexico City, December 13, 2017. The words on the mask read, "Law of security."

There’s a ‘double-edged sword’ hanging over Mexico’s decade-long war on drug cartels

A bill before the Mexican congress would enshrine the military's role in domestic law enforcement, and many inside and outside the country are alarmed.

US to present ‘irrefutable evidence’ that Iran violated the nuclear deal

Nikki Haley will show 'Iran has deliberately violated its international obligations and has tried and failed to cover up these violations‎,' her office said.
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson addresses a joint news conference with European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini at the European Council in Brussels, Belgium, December 5, 2017.

Tillerson’s new North Korea strategy praised by China and Russia — but undermined by Trump

'We're ready to talk any time North Korea would like to talk, and we're ready to have the first meeting without precondition,' Rex Tillerson said.

3D model of China’s first stealth fighter reveals its greatest strengths and weaknesses

The J-20 holds a competitive amount of ordnance, and its slated to carry very long range missiles that can keep US systems at bay.
Akayed Ullah, the suspect in the bombing of New York City's Port Authority.

Video shows how the New York City subway bomber seriously injured only himself

Video captured Monday morning's bombing, in which the attacker sustained the most significant injuries after his explosive device only partially detonated.

How Area 51 became the center of alien conspiracy theories

The remote military base in the Nevada desert has a lot of history, and has been associated with aliens almost since its inception.
An F-35B begins its short takeoff from the USS America with an external weapons load.

The F-35 could intercept a North Korean missile launch — but it could bring an all-out war

"Very simple — what we're trying to do is shoot [air-to-air missiles] off F-35s in the first 300 seconds it takes for the missile to go up in the air."