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Trump reportedly bragged about bluffing to Trudeau to play him in trade talks

President Donald Trump apparently portrayed Trudeau as trying to convince him the US had no trade deficit with Canada, a fact Trump disputed.

Steel stocks are getting smoked after Trump’s tariffs turn out weaker than expected

US Steel was down as much as 3% Friday after it was revealed Canada and Mexico will be exempt from the tariffs.
Donald Trump

Trump just rolled out his massive new tariffs — here’s what we know about them

President Donald Trump's new tariffs will exclude Canada and Mexico and start in 15 days.
President Donald Trump

The White House just hinted that 2 of the US’s biggest allies could be spared from Trump’s massive new tariffs

The White House press secretary said President Donald Trump's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum could have carve-outs for Mexico and Canada.
Gary Cohn.

‘The Globalists just lost their President’: Gary Cohn’s resignation leaves a massive void that could push Trump toward the fringe

The loss of Gary Cohn leaves the White House with few free-trade advocates at a time when trade is coming to the forefront of the economic agenda.
President Donald Trump

Trump just laid out his demands for 2 of the US’s signature allies to get around his massive new tariffs

President Donald Trump said Canada and Mexico could be exempted from the new steel and aluminum tariffs if they agreed to a "new & fair NAFTA agreement."
Donald Trump and Orrin Hatch.

One of Trump’s closest allies says Congress will defy the president if he makes a move that could start a trade war

Orrin Hatch said that Congress would pass a "veto-proof" bill to keep the US in NAFTA if President Trump pulls America out of the trade agreement.
President Donald Trump

Trump just gave his most freewheeling, wild speech in months

President Donald Trump touched on a wide array of topics during a speech at CPAC including Hillary Clinton, gun control, trade, tax cuts, and the 2016 election.
President Donald Trump

Trump held a freewheeling White House meeting on trade — and it sounds like some of economists’ worst fears could come true

Lawmakers repeatedly attempted to urge caution on the use of tariffs, while Trump complained about unfair trade praticies by foreign countries.

Republicans are getting worried about Trump starting a trade war

Republican members of Congress are concerned that Trump's hardline stance on trade could trigger a series of retalitory trade measures by other countries.