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A vape pen with twice the nicotine of comparable devices is taking over high schools — and adults are frightened

Teens are bragging about vaping, or "Juuling," with an e-cig called a Juul. But vaping has health risks, especially for young people.

Scientists have found even stronger evidence that vaping is exposing teens to toxic chemicals

In a new study, scientists studied the urine of teen vapers in California and found significant levels of hazardous chemicals like those used for manufacturing.

Scientists are beginning to learn how vaping impacts your health — and the results are troubling

New research suggests vaping may be linked with an increased risk of heart attacks.

Vaping instead of smoking still exposes you to toxic metals like lead — here’s how worried you should be

A new study found that people who vape may be inhaling potentially dangerous levels of toxic metals like lead.

11 key findings from one of the most comprehensive reports ever on the health effects of vaping

The National Academies of Sciences considered roughly 5,000 studies to include in its analysis and combed through the findings of more than 800 studies.

This may be the first substantial evidence that e-cigs could help people quit smoking

People who used e-cigarettes daily were far more likely to have quit regular cigarettes than those who had never tried e-cigs. Still, more research is needed.

Tobacco stocks tank after FDA says it plans to cut nicotine in cigarettes to non-addictive levels

"5.6 million young people alive today will die prematurely later in life from tobacco use" unless we change course, the FDA said.

Scientists have identified 3 keys to addiction in the brain

A new paper offers answers to some basic questions about alcoholism, nicotine addiction, opioid addiction, and many other forms of substance abuse.

The most ‘addictive’ drugs probably aren’t the ones you think

More than three-quarters of Americans have used tobacco; a quarter of us are addicted to it.

A major medical group just threw its weight behind E-cigs

The Royal College of Physicians says E-cigs are helping people more than hurting them.