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We asked a top private-equity recruiter what it takes to get a senior-level job these days

BI PRIME: There's a perfect storm for hiring in private equity right now. We asked a top recruiter what it takes to land a senior job.

An ex-Tesla recruiter reveals what it’s like to interview with Elon Musk

Former Tesla recruiter Marissa Peretz explains what it was like to be interviewed by Elon Musk.
Ilana Weinstein.

A top hedge fund recruiter explains what still surprises her after 15 years in the industry

Even professional investors who manage risk every day tend to shy away from change, a professional hedge fund recruiter told us.

John McCain is threatening Trump’s defense nominees over the Army’s plan to offer mental-health waivers

McCain and other senators are not happy with how the Pentagon has been sharing information about its policies.
US soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, in March 2011.

The Army has started giving waivers for mental-health conditions to attract more recruits

The Army says that its access to additional information about applicants' mental-health history makes it better able to determine whether they're fit to serve.

‘We’re burning out our people’: The Air Force says its pilot shortage is getting worse

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson said the biggest reason for the shortfall "is that we are too small for all the missions we are being asked to carry out."
Acing the interview at a big bank just got a little easier.

To land a job at one of the biggest banks in America, you need to risk sounding arrogant in the interview

You won't hear Capital One HR exec Meghan Welch's advice for job interviewees every day, but it will help you get hired at one of the biggest banks in the US.

A top New York City headhunting exec was fired after allegedly groping a colleague, texting lewd drawings and messages, and doing cocaine at work

Wegman Partners managing director Veronica McILraith has filed a complaint with the City of New York alleging her boss Scott Legg sexually harassed her.
The CodeFights team, CEO Tigran Sloyan is in the upper left hand corner.

This startup wants to help programmers get hired based on their coding skills rather than their résumés

CodeFights' new CodeFightsR service helps companies find and evaluate skilled programmers and is designed to eliminate biases from the hiring process.

The Army is trying to bring in more recruits, and it’s changing its standards to get them

Ongoing operations around the world has placed more demands on the Army, and its looking to expand its ranks by drawing on a wider pool of recruits.