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CRYPTO INSIDER: The CEO of $20 billion data company thinks blockchain ‘has potential to be transformative’

Blockchain, the tech behind bitcoin, could have a huge impact on Wall Street, according to a big data CEO.

CRYPTO INSIDER: A big data CEO explains why he won’t touch the crypto ‘Wild West’

Market data giant IHS Markit is steering clear of cryptocurrencies until the sector gets formal regulation.

CRYPTO INSIDER: Bitcoin is gunning for $9,000

The price of bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, jump during Tuesday's trade.

CRYPTO INSIDER: A secretive Wall Street trading firm has been trading bitcoin

The New York trading firm, which facilitates $13 billion in equity trading a day, confirmed to Business Insider that it has been trading bitcoin.

CRYPTO INSIDER: Bitcoin is approaching the ‘death cross’

The digital coin looks poised to trigger a bearish technical indicator known as a "death cross," which portends more selling to come.

CRYPTO INSIDER: Playboy is now accepting bitcoin

The porn site said Thursday it would accept bitcoin, ethereum and another little-known cryptocurrency that could radically change how porn is paid for online.

CRYPTO INSIDER: The golden age of ICOs is over

The market for ICOs is off to a red-hot start this year, but that may soon change as regulators crack down on the offerings, industry experts say.

CRYPTO INSIDER: We went inside SXSW’s bitcoin party

For one night only, Austin's Rio club accepted cryptocurrency as payment for bottle service while barely-dressed bartenders poured shots for hodlers.

CRYPTO INSIDER: ‘Pure capitalism:’ Exchanges charge up to $1 million to list ICOs

Crypto exchanges are charging up to $1 million per ICO to list tokens: 'It's pure capitalism.'