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Top conservative congressman: In a perfect world, Trump should fire Mueller

Rep. Louie Gohmert said Robert Mueller should be fired from his position as head of the special counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.
Jeff Flake.

One of Trump’s fiercest Republican critics begs the president not to fire Mueller, threatens impeachment if he does

Jeff Flake, the Republican senator from Arizona, says firing Mueller wouldn't prompt a constituional crisis and force impeachment proceedings.
Robert Mueller.

‘Like throwing gasoline onto a fire’: Trump is poised to shake up his legal team as he goes on the offensive against Mueller

It looks like President Donald Trump is done cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller.
SCL and Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix.

Cambridge Analytica began testing out pro-Trump slogans the same year Russia launched its influence operation targeting the 2016 election

Cambridge Analytica was testing out slogans that later became the bedrock of President Donald Trump's campaign before he even announced his candidacy.

Mitch McConnell breaks silence on Trump’s assault on Mueller, says he ‘should be allowed to finish’

Mitch McConnell said Special Counsel Chief Robert Mueller should be allowed to finish his mission without interruption, days after President Trump's tirade.
U.S. President Donald Trump announces a presidential proclamation placing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, at the White House in Washington, U.S. March 8, 2018.

A top Republican senator just delivered a big warning to Trump on firing Mueller

Lindsey Graham said that if President Donald Trump removed Robert Mueller from the Russia investigation, it would most likely be due to a "corrupt purpose."
Donald Trump.

Trump is trying to find the ‘magic bullet’ with his legal team in the Russia investigation

Trump is said to be hedging on both sides, seeking lawyers to echo his aggressive tone on Mueller, and another who's experienced in impeachment proceedings.
Robert Mueller.

Trump’s lawyers turn over written documents to Mueller in the Russia probe

President Trump's lawyers have turned over more documents to special counsel Robert Mueller after calling for the Russia investigation to be shut down.

Senate Republicans on Trump’s tirade against Mueller: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Republicans shrugged off the possibility that President Trump would try to oust Robert Mueller as head of the special counsel, even as his scrutiny increases.
Donald Trump in May 2017.

A ‘huge clue’ may reveal that Mueller’s endgame is to nail Trump for obstruction

James Comey and Andrew McCabe kept detailed memos about their conversations with Donald Trump and are likely to be critical witnesses in the obstruction probe.