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Roy Moore still refuses to concede — and he asked supporters to donate to an ‘election integrity fund’ to find voter fraud

Roy Moore told supporters on Friday that the race is "not over." He is collecting donations to investigate incidents of voter fraud.
Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore speaks at his election night party in Montgomery, Alabama on December 12, 2017.

Here’s how a recount would work if Roy Moore refuses to concede the Alabama Senate election

Roy Moore has refused to concede as he holds out hope for an automatic recount, which could take place in early January after all the votes have been certified.
Roy Moore.

Roy Moore refuses to concede a day after losing to his Democratic rival in the Alabama Senate race

Roy Moore released a video statement Wednesday night that included quotes from Bible scripture. He made clear he was not ready to concede.

Write-in votes played a role in Doug Jones’ victory over Roy Moore, and Nick Saban may have been a big factor

The head coach of the Crimson Tide had a bit of backing behind as a campaign to write in his name on the ballot.
Doug Jones.

Alabama’s new senator-elect pulled off something virtually impossible that we haven’t seen in nearly a decade

It was shocking to many observers that Democrat Doug Jones was able to pull off a win in deep-red Alabama on Tuesday.
Doug Jones celebrates on election night in Alabama, December 12, 2017.

Meet Doug Jones, who put Ku Klux Klan members in prison and just became the first Democratic senator from Alabama this century

Here's a look back at Doug Jones' political life before he beat Roy Moore for the US Senate seat from Alabama on Tuesday.
Donald Trump.

Trump is in a massive political slump

President Donald Donald Trump suffered another major political defeat Tuesday in deep-red Alabama — his second in one Senate race and third consecutive.

Here’s one more reason for Republicans to be very nervous about the Senate in 2018

Opinion: There's a remarkable stat from Doug Jones' win on Tuesday in Alabama's Senate election.
Roy Moore.

Former McConnell aide after shock GOP loss in Alabama: ‘This is what the death of a party looks like’

Josh Holmes had the following assessment after Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore: Anyone out of the phone book — aside from Moore — would've won.
Roy Moore.

An incredible series of Republican mishaps led them to disaster with Roy Moore

Republicans made a series of unsuccessful decisions that led to Democrats winning a deep-red Senate seat.