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Ejected Seahawks player tries charging into stands to fight fans after they threw something at him

Sunday's Seattle Seahawks-Jacksonville Jaguars game got ugly late as Quinton Jefferson was ejected and then tried confronting a fan in the stands.

Seahawks lose in brutal fashion when beleaguered kicker’s potential tying field goal comes up just short

Blair Walsh's field goal appeared to come within a foot or two of going through the uprights to tie the game for the Seahawks.

Russell Wilson and Seahawks face scrutiny after appearing to skip concussion protocol during ‘Thursday Night Football’

Russell Wilson left the field for just one play after taking a hard hit to the jaw, and his quick comeback could be a violation of league rules.

Richard Sherman ruptured his Achilles during ‘Thursday Night Football’ and his teammate said the games should be ‘illegal’

Richard Sherman, one of the harshest critics of "Thursday Night Football," ruptured his Achilles on Thursday, drawing a new wave of criticism for the games.

NFL WEEK 10: Our official predictions for who wins this weekend

After a tough week, we're back looking for the best bets football has to offer on Sunday.

Seahawks fans were so loud during Seattle’s dramatic comeback win that they registered as seismic activity

Seahawks fans are known as some of the loudest in the league, and it's not the first time they've literally made the earth shake

Deshaun Watson had his best game yet against the Seahawks’ vaunted defense and is quickly becoming the steal of the draft

Richard Sherman told Deshaun Watson that he played the best game their secondary has ever seen.

The Seahawks tried a clever trick play and it was intercepted

Wide Receiver Tanner McEvoy's deep pass was a bit late and a bit behind the receiver, leading to an interception.

Both the Seahawks and the Titans skipped the national anthem, and it made for a surreal scene on the nearly empty field

The Seahawks and the Titans decided to skip the anthem altogether in response to President Donald Trump's comments over the weekend regarding player protests.