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Mark Zuckerberg.

The #DeleteFacebook movement has reached a fever pitch, as former Facebook insiders turn on the company

Things are getting worse for Facebook, as the WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton jumped on the #DeleteFacebook bandwagon on Tuesday evening.

There’s no solid evidence that people get addicted to social media — and using it could actually be beneficial

Most smartphone research is characterized by bad science. There is actually little to no harm in using phones and social media. The impact may even be positive.

A scary video shows skiers jumping and being thrown from an out-of-control ski lift

A ski lift in Georgia began suddenly began quickly moving backwards, and throwing riders off or forcing them to jump off the lift.

Adults over 30 years old love Facebook and shun Snapchat

The most popular social media platform for users older than 30? Facebook. The least? Snapchat.

Julius Dein was performing magic tricks at weddings two years ago — now he’s an internet sensation, with over 20 million online followers

Two years ago, Julius Dein was a college student performing magic tricks at weddings and bar mitzvahs to make some extra cash.

Twitter spikes to 2.5-year high after its CFO says a new subscription product is coming

Twitter CFO Ned Segal says the company plans on rolling out a subscription product for businesses to advertise on its platform

Stephen Hawking had a ‘sense of humor as vast as the universe’: unique tributes flood in for physics pioneer

Celebrities, public figures, and scientists have offered up unique tributes to Stephen Hawking.
You're probably guilty of at least one.

15 things you’re doing that make people dislike you immediately

We rounded up a list of traits and behaviors that scientists say can turn people off.