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The Aurora Australis on June 25, 2017, as seen from the International Space Station.

Auroras will soon be very rare — but scientists are predicting a big comeback

The cycle of solar activity that drives auroras is weakening, but a forthcoming study suggests Earth will eventually see more auroras than usual.

This is what a pizza party looks like in space

The Expedition 53 Crew enjoyed their pizza on the International Space Station. The crew certainly had fun with the lack of gravity.

The ‘space kingdom’ Asgardia says it’s the first nation with all of its territory in orbit — but legal experts are dubious

Asgardia, a group that's trying to become the first country in space, claims its first satellite is all of its territory. But experts aren't so sure.

A startup is printing giant photos of Earth from space, and they’re gorgeous

A group of scientists, architects, and engineers called My Orbiter is selling printed satellite photos of Earth from space that you can hang in your home.

NASA’s famous Voyager probes nearly failed during launch — here’s what went terribly wrong

One NASA Voyager probe refused to communicate with Earth while the other launched aboard a leaky rocket.

NASA has reinvented the wheel using a material that ‘remembers’ its shape

NASA's redesigned rover tires are made from a nickel-titanium alloy — a material that can be deformed and return back to shape.
An aircraft taking off from Ronald Reagan National Airport is seen passing in front of the moon as it rises on December 3, 2017 in Washington, DC.

A few of the very best photos of Sunday’s Supermoon

Some argued it wasn't really "super" enough to ever live up to its Supermoon name. But photo snappers around the globe still wandered out to look up.
Elon Musk in a midnight cherry Tesla Roadster.

Elon Musk plans to launch his red Tesla Roadster to Mars in January 2018, SpaceX reportedly confirms

Elon Musk said he plans to launch a Tesla Roadster to Mars using SpaceX's first Falcon Heavy rocket. And he means it, Business Insider has learned.
Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scientists and engineers cheer in Bangalore after India's Mars orbiter successfully entered the Martian orbit on September 24, 2014.

India is preparing to land on the moon for the first time in the country’s history

It’d be the Indian Space Research Organization's second ‘Chandrayaan’ mission - but this time they’re not just ramming into the moon and calling it a day.
Nine years' worth of observations by the Hubble Space Telescope revealed about 10,000 galaxies.

Astronomers just found more than 70 ‘invisible’ galaxies lurking in the deepest, darkest patch of the night sky

The patch astronomers looked at is less than 1% the size of the full moon yet contains roughly 10,000 galaxies — and astronomers just found even more.