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GOLDMAN SACHS: Tesla may fall ‘well short’ on its first-quarter deliveries

A Goldman Sachs analyst believes that Tesla will fall short on its guidance of Model S and X vehicle deliveries.

Tesla slides after a 2nd finance exec leaves the company in less than a week

The stock is down 1.8% Wednesday as the company's shareholder meeting approaches.

Tesla spikes despite news it temporarily shutdown Model 3 production last month

Tesla is up more than 5% Monday despite no significant news or Wall Street analyst upgrades.
Adam Jonas

A longtime Tesla bull tones down his excitement and warns there are some ‘risks bubbling below the surface’

"Look no further than Amazon’s "fulfillment" and "shipping" expense line items in its income statement," Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas said Friday.

Tesla slips after chief accountant departs

"Eric Branderiz left Tesla for personal reasons. Tesla appreciates Eric's service to the company,” Tesla said in a regulatory filing late Thursday.

Tesla jumps after saying it expanded its charging network in China

Tesla said it has expanded its charging network in China, a Chinese news agency reported.

Tesla is tumbling — again

The stock is closing to being in a bear market.

Tesla is falling as it continues to ‘wade through the weeds’

The electric car maker has historically missed on delivery deadlines and earnings reports.

Tesla is surging ahead of its earnings

CEO Elon Musk has a history of not being able to live up to grandiose forecasts for the electric car maker,

Tesla sinks after employees say to expect more Model 3 delays

Tesla had previously disclosed the battery issue, but new reports say the problem could be much worse than previously thought.