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US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin speak at a summit in Vietnam on November 11, 2017.

5 times the Trump administration actually was tough on Russia

President Donald Trump has a complicated relationship with Russia. Here's what the Trump administration has actually done to confront Russian aggression.
Donald Trump.

Trump doubles down on praise for Putin amid blowback for congratulatory phone call

Getting along with Russia "is a good thing, not a bad thing," President Trump tweeted.

Trump is furious and the White House is stunned over a damaging leak about his call with Putin

President Trump is said to believe some in the national security apparatus are working against him.

Trump reportedly ignored his national security advisers when they warned him to ‘NOT CONGRATULATE’ Putin on his election victory

President Trump has repeatedly demonstrated an unwillingness to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin.

John McCain blasts Trump for congratulating Putin on winning ‘sham election’

Putin was reelected president of Russia with 75% of the vote — but election observers have cried foul.
Russian TV personality Ksenia Sobchak attends a news conference in Moscow.

Meet ‘Russia’s Paris Hilton’ Ksenia Sobchak, the 36-year-old socialite challenging Putin for the Russian presidency

Although Ksenia Sobchak's family has close personal ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, she has come out swinging at his political hegemony.

Vladimir Putin’s hard-core daily routine includes hours of swimming, late nights, and no alcohol

A typical day for Russian president Vladimir Putin starts with swimming and weightlifting, and ends working late into the night.

Russia claims foreign hackers are trying to interfere with its election

Election officials claimed there were a series of DDoS attacks on the eve of the poll, which Vladimir Putin is all but guaranteed to win by a landslide.

Theresa May’s ministers repeatedly warned that Brexit would put Britain at risk from Russia

All the times UK ministers warned that staying in the EU made Britain safe from Putin.