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China's President Xi Jinping swears an oath after being elected for a second term during the fifth plenary session of the first session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on March 17, 2018.

Xi Jinping declares China will ‘fight the bloody battle’ in hardline speech on Taiwan and Hong Kong

Xi has a hardline approach to Taiwan, and was likely angered when Donald Trump signed the Taiwan Travel Act into law on Friday.

The 10 most critical problems in the world, according to millennials

The World Economic Forum conducted a survey of 26,000 millennials around the globe to gauge their priorities, concerns, and attitudes on world issues.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un greets a women's subunit during a rocket launching drill

How North Korean leader Kim Jong Un became one of the world’s scariest dictators at 34

North Korea's threats have taken a decidedly sharper and more ominous tone under Kim Jong Un, the third supreme leader of the hermit kingdom.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reacts to a successful missile test.

Kim Jong Un’s remarkable peace offer may exploit Trump’s weaknesses to benefit North Korea — here’s how

North Korea is believed to have discussed halting its nuclear weapons program, but a key stipulation may play US President Donald Trump against himself.
Mila, the school principal in Marinka, sits at her desk behind sandbags lining the windows in her office.

Meet the Ukrainian children who no longer fear bombs and bullets after more than 3 years of war

We interviewed kids in the village of Marinka in early April to hear their stories.
Chinese built structures on the Mischief Reef in the disputed Spratly islands strategically located in the South China Sea, taken 06 November 2003.

China grew its infrastructure and radar systems across 72 acres in the South China Sea this year

China has been quietly building up its infrastructure on disputed islands in the South China Sea despite international condemnation.

IAN BREMMER ON NORTH KOREA: Trump could either start a war or win a Nobel Peace Prize

Geopolitical analyst Ian Bremmer explains how North Korea is more capable and dangerous now than it has been in recent memory.

North Korea says the US is ‘begging for nuclear war’ as stealth fighters begin training on the peninsula

The US and South Korea have begun the largest joint aerial drill in history.

Here’s how easy it is for the US president to launch a nuclear weapon

The process that the US government has to go through to fire a nuke is an intricate process but it can happen in only a few minutes.

Startling maps show every terrorist attack worldwide over the last 20 years

Data from the Global Terrorism Database compiled into a stunning data visualization puts two decades of terrorist activity into startling perspective.