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Kirk Cousins is set to sign one of the biggest deals in NFL history this offseason.

There is speculation in the NFL world that the Jets could offer Kirk Cousins a mind-boggling contract that could pay him $60 million in 2018 alone

The Jets could offer Kirk Cousins $60 million guaranteed in the first year of a deal with the free agent quarterback — and it might actually be a good idea.

22-year-old cornerback who was thrown into the Redskins-Chiefs trade went through an emotional roller coaster trying to find out if he was part of the...

Kendall Fuller was on Twitter just like the rest of the NFL world, trying to learn if he was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Washington Redskins reportedly trade for Alex Smith, making Kirk Cousins the top prize in free agency in shocking deal

The Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs reportedly agreed to a trade that will send Alex Smith to Washington and make Kirk Cousins a top free agent.
Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.

An elaborate hoax fooled some into believing the Washington Redskins had changed their controversial name

A group of Native advocates used detailed recreations of webpages and coordinated action to bring attention to an issue they believe in.

Kirk Cousins sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber, is obsessed with managing every detail of his life, and it may even outdo Tom Brady

Kirk Cousins monitors his sleep and brain activity, records hormone and testosterone levels, and sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber.

Kirk Cousins still doesn’t have a new contract and it leaves the Redskins in a tough spot heading into 2018

After six years with the team and three years as a starter, Kirk Cousins and the Redskins still have not come to an agreement as to his future with the team.

The Redskins blew a 15-point lead in final 3 minutes to lose to the Saints

The Redskins had a win against the Saints all but sealed up, until a total collapse on both sides of the ball.

Washington Redskins receiver makes leaping 1-handed catch for touchdown

Maurice Harris made one of the best catches of the year, leaping for a deep pass, catching it with one hand, and scoring the touchdown.