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The 3 stooges are running the US economy now, so buckle up

OPINION: Wilbur Ross, Peter Navarro, and Steven Mnuchin are going to run the US economy like a slapstick routine, and they're performing for an audience of one.
Wilbur Ross holding up the cans.

Campbell’s Soup blasts new tariffs after Trump’s Commerce secretary used its soup can to defend them

Campbell's Soup replied to the Trump administration's new tariffs after Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross used the company to defend the move.
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

One of Trump’s top trade advisers held up a can of Campbell’s soup to argue that Trump’s massive tariffs are ‘no big deal̵...

Wilbur Ross used cans of beer, soup, and soda to illustrate his argument that President Donald Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum would not hurt consumers.
President Donald Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

Trump’s commerce secretary wants to turn the moon into a ‘gas station for outer space’

Wilbur Ross said that the key to expanding commercial space exploration was to turn the moon "into a kind of gas station for outer space."
President Donald Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

Trump’s top trade advisors want to slap a new tax on steel imports, which could lead to a trade war

The Commerce Department recommended that President Trump slap new restrictions on steel and aluminium imports, a move that could cause international backlash.
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, testifies at his confirmation hearing on January 18, 2017, in Washington, DC.

Trump reportedly shreds Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for falling asleep in meetings: ‘Wilbur has lost a step’

"Wilbur has lost his step. Actually, he's probably lost a lot of steps," President Donald Trump said, according to the news website Axios.
U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross arrives at a state dinner at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, November 9, 2017.

More incredibly embarrassing, possibly criminal, news about our Commerce Secretary

Opinion: Ross made $682M selling his shares in Bank of Ireland before it was discovered the bank was using accounting tricks to look healthier than it was.
U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, speaks at the Confederation of British Industry's annual conference in London, Britain, November 6, 2017.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is low-key having the worst week ever

OPINION: Ross' Russian ties and cash flow lies have blown up in a matter of 48 hours.

‘Fibs, exaggerations, omissions, fabrications and whoppers’: Forbes says Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross inflated his net worth

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross isn't a billionaire — and it's possible he never was, according to a bombshell report by Dan Alexander in Forbes Magazine.