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Kate Winslet in "Wonder Wheel."

Kate Winslet recently said ‘on some level Woody is a woman’ because Woody Allen writes female characters so well

Kate Winslet praised controversial "Wonder Wheel" director Woody Allen's ability to craft female characters.

Woody Allen’s daughter calls out Kate Winslet and Blake Lively for working with him and ducking sexual-assault questions: ‘It breaks my he...

Woody Allen's daughter Dylan Farrow wonders why her father, who allegedly sexually assaulted her when she was 7, is still defended by Hollywood stars.
Woody Allen and Griffin Newman.

Actor says he regrets working on Woody Allen’s new movie, and will donate salary to abuse victims charity

Actor Griffin Newman says he regrets his decision to act in a new Woody Allen movie, and will donate his salary to the abuse victims charity RAINN.
Woody Allen.

Woody Allen doesn’t want Harvey Weinstein allegations to ‘lead to a witch hunt’

Woody Allen said he feels that Harvey Weinstein is a "sad, sick man" but that the allegations against him shouldn't lead to a "witch hunt."
Ginny grows weary of Humpty's daughter in the "Wonder Wheel" trailer.

Kate Winslet is already sparking Oscar talk after the trailer for Woody Allen’s new film ‘Wonder Wheel’

Woody Allen's newest film promises a glimpse into the darker side of Coney Island, and a great performance from Oscar-winner Kate Winslet.

Woody Allen says he’s not affected by rape allegations against him: ‘I never think about it’

"I have moved so far past that," the filmmaker said of the forceful new opinion piece and allegations from his son Ronan Farrow.

A comedian at Cannes made a rape joke to Woody Allen’s face and got gasps

The MC brought up allegations against legendary director Woody Allen after no reporters did.

Ronan Farrow calls out the media’s ‘silence’ on Woody Allen sex abuse allegations

Ronan Farrow has made new allegations against his father Woody Allen and blames reporters for letting the director slide.

Amazon buys Woody Allen’s new movie starring Steve Carell and Kristen Stewart

Amazon Studios bought North American rights to the feature, including theatrical and streaming, according to a press release from the company.

Bruce Willis may have been fired from Woody Allen’s latest movie

This is not the first time an actor has left a Woody Allen film during production.