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The 9 most ridiculous excuses people have used to call in sick in 2017

People call in sick to work for a variety of reasons. But some people have used ridiculous excuses that put their reputation into question.

Sexual harassment isn’t a Hollywood, tech, or media issue — it affects everyone

Toxic work cultures and industry problems are often blamed for sexual harassment, but this ignores that it can happen anywhere and be perpetrated by anyone.

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Millennials are breaking the one big salary taboo — here are 5 reasons why

Discussing how much you make is becoming less of a taboo topic as millennials largely prefer transparency and promoting equality at work.
An outgoing Twitter employee temporarily pulled the plug on the president's Twitter Thursday night.

6 rogue employees who did crazy things on their last day of work

After US President Donald Trump's Twitter account went down for several minutes, Twitter blamed the disruption on a departing employee.

Get ready to vote: Answers to 9 practical Election Day questions

How do you know where to vote? Can you leave work early? What do you need to bring with you? We have the answers.

You can take time off work to vote in 30 US states — but you’re out of luck in the rest

If you work in a majority of the US's states, you may be in luck.