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It’s been 73 years since the Battle for Remagen — here are 8 photos of the Allies’ first toehold in Nazi Germany

Crossing the Rhine River vexed Allied planners, but a sudden opportunity at Remagen presented US forces with a way into the Nazi heartland.
Commuters board a tram in bomb-damaged Dresden, March 12, 1946.

73 years ago, Allied bombers obliterated one of Europe’s most beautiful cities — here are 18 photos of the bombing of Dresden

The scale of the destruction in Dresden was some of the most horrific of the air war in Europe, and the attack has been condemned as a war crime.
Royal Navy bomb disposal experts blow up a World War II shell at sea on February 14, 2018.

Video shows the Royal Navy blowing up a World War II bomb that shut a London airport

The 500 kg tapered-end shell was discovered near London City Airport earlier this week.
Royal Navy divers pictured on their way to move the bomb on Monday.

The WWII bomb that shut down a London airport has been detonated at sea

It was destroyed by bomb disposal specialists from the Royal Navy.
A Royal Navy bomb disposal team removes a World War II ordnance near London City Airport.

An unexploded World War II bomb that closed a London airport is being dragged out to sea to be blown up by the Royal Navy

A 500-kilogram explosive was discovered near the runway of London City Airport on Sunday.

73 years ago, the Allies beat back the Nazis’ last major western offensive — here are 16 photos from the Battle of the Bulge

German troops slammed into Allied lines on December 16, 1944. It took six weeks for the Allies to fight back to their original positions.

78 years ago, the B-24 Liberator took its first flight — here’s how it helped bring down the Nazis

"Yes, the Nazis and Fascists have asked for it," Franklin Roosevelt said. "And they are going to get it."

78 years ago, the British won a surprise victory over Nazi Germany in the first major naval battle of World War II

The Allies faced a bleak outlook in the early days of World War II, but a naval victory thousands of miles away from Europe boosted spirits at home.

73 years ago, the Nazis launched their last great western offensive of World War II — here are 13 photos of the Battle of the Bulge

On December 16, 1944, more than 200,000 German troops slammed into Allied lines in Belgium, setting off the Nazis' last western great offensive of World War II.

Unforgettable photos from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, 76 years ago today

On December 7, 1941, troops serving the US fleet at Pearl Harbor were unaware that Japanese bombers were headed toward America's most important Pacific base.