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US President Donald Trump (R) gestures toward China's President Xi Jinping (C), as US First Lady Melania Trump (back C) is seen in the background, in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on November 9, 2017.

A Secret Service agent tackled a Chinese security official over the nuclear football when Trump visited China

The so-called nuclear football is a briefcase that allows the president to authorize a nuclear strike and should always be in close proximity to the president.
UK Prime Minister Theresa May performs a Chinese New Year ritual in Beijing, China, in January 2018.

Chinese state media praises ‘pragmatic’ Theresa May for not mentioning their atrocious human rights while visiting them

The Global Times newspaper said comments over Chinese human rights would be 'contrary to the goals of her China trip.'

How Theresa May’s trip to China compares with the lavish ‘state visit plus’ Donald Trump got when he came

It's the little differences that make clear how the two leaders are viewed.
Donald Trump.

Trump will deliver a ‘very carrot-and-stick’ address to billionaires and world leaders at Davos

The US president will shock some delegates, according to Mike Allen of the news website Axios.
A still from the video shows the journalist being dragged off by Chinese security.

A South Korean journalist was reportedly beaten by Chinese guards at a summit organised to repair relations between the 2 countries

South Korea does not censor or control its media like China does. Yonhap reports that the journalist was hospitalized after the beating.

Trump says he spoke to Xi Jinping and will ‘handle’ North Korea with additional sanctions

Trump's tweet echoes his previous statement where he said very little about the launch, except that it would be taken care of.

China created a website for vigilante citizens to report leaks and fake news

A new site asks the public to report military leaks or illegal social media accounts as part of China's continued crackdown on military activity.