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Baby boomers could end up $227,000 richer if they stop bankrolling their adult children

Parents who pay for their adult children might be hurting their retirement savings.
Women become millionaires at a younger age than men do.

This is the age when most people become millionaires

It's easier to reach millionaire status if you have a high-paying job, but that's not the only way.
What goes up, must come down.

Americans are feeling better about their money today than a decade ago — but there’s a catch

Americans' optimism comes at at time when the US economy continues to grow and stocks continue to soar.
Ryan Hudson, cofounder of Honey.

A struggling dad built an app to buy his kids cheaper pizza — and now his company has 5 million downloads and $40 million

When Ryan Hudson founded Honey in 2012, consumers loved it, but he couldn't get investors on board. Today, it's an entirely different story.
Ask for a raise — or change jobs.

8 things you can do today to be richer next year

Setting up automatic savings takes less than 10 minutes and can help you get rich effortlessly.
Be specific about your savings.

There’s a better way to save money now to build wealth in the future

Jesse Mecham, author of "You Need a Budget," says you should dedicate funds to specific types of financial crises, instead of having one generic emergency fund.

The GOP tax plan doesn’t touch your 401(k) — and that’s a huge opportunity to build wealth

Republicans left the 401(k) tax savings untouched, which largely benefits high-earners in the US.
A Tesla Model X is pictured in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Tesla wants to completely reinvent car insurance — here’s how much it could save you

The car insurance industry could shrink by 40%, which would lead to savings for consumers as well.

I’m a financial planner — here’s what I tell people who ask if they’re saving enough money

Most savings advice is well intentioned, but there's a disconnect between advisers and advisees.

10 US cities that make it easier to build wealth thanks to savings in one key area

Wealth isn't just income — it's about keeping major expenses low so you can save and invest more.